Breeze: My Profile



All of the information you share with the congregation is kept in the "My Profile" section of Breeze ChMS. As a member you can see much of your own information. Some of your information, like your Talent/Interest Survey is only viewable by church leadership. Mainly, that's just so all those fields don't clutter up your interface, after all, you already know the areas you checked. What you can see, and edit, is all of your general and contact information. Those areas include:

  • MAIN:
    • First and Last Name
    • You can also add a middle name, nickname, or your maiden name.
    • Your Marital Status (this can't be seen by anyone but you and church leadership. We ask for this information to help us as we plan ministries. It's important to know where our members are in life and what they are going through, otherwise we won't know how or when to help.
    • Your Birthday - we love telling people, "Happy Birthday!"
    • In this section you can see a list of those in your family. Yes, we figured you already knew who your spouse and kids were, this info is really for everyone else.
    • Anniversary - "Happy Anniversary!" is just as much fun as a happy birthday.
    • Date and Place of Baptism. Like we said, we like happy birthdays, and this is your other birthday!
    • School -this only applies if you are in school. If you've already graduated and moved on, we don't need to know where you went, unless you just want to share it.
    • Grade - *See above
    • Employer - Who gives you your paycheck? Considering this is where we tend to spend a majority of our time, it's a pretty important piece of information. Again, this isn't shared with anyone but leadership, and is only used in the case of an emergency.
  • CONTACT (this is the bread and butter part!)
    • Phone
      • Home (or primary)
      • Cell
      • Work
    • Email (because we hate buying stamps)
    • Address (Allows us to find each other)
    • P.O. Box (so when we feel sorry for the postal workers we can sent stuff to each other the old fashioned way.)

All the information in the "Contact" section of My Profile can be set to private, meaning it won't show up in the "People" section of Breeze, which serves as our online membership directory. If you're feeling anti-social you can click here to learn how to do that. Understand, even if your information is set to private, it can still be seen by church leadership.


Human beings are visual creatures, as such we like pictures, especially pictures of each other. Occasionally we will offer to update individual and family photo's after a Sunday morning service using the talents of some of the congregation's skilled photographers. But you don't have to wait, you can do it yourself. To start simply click on your current picture, or if you haven't uploaded one yet, click on the picture icon where your picture should be. That will bring up the following dialog box that will allow you to upload a picture of your choosing. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.20.03 PM.png

If you have uploaded other pictures in the past, this is also where you can manage your pictures. 

It should go without saying, but we're going to say it anyway. Please don't upload any pictures that would be considered questionable. If something is uploaded that the leadership deems questionable it will be removed and the account will be suspended until we can talk about it. And though it's your choice, we strongly recommend uploading pictures that are actually of you. Sure you can put in your favorite kitten photo, or a drawing of your favorite Pokemon, but that's not going to help others know who you are. 

You can also upload a family photo under the "Family" section of "My Profile." Same rules apply. 


On the left side of your "My Profile" page you can see two links by default. "Details" is the section containing all your contact and family information. Just below that is Giving. If you are in the app, "Details," "Giving," "Forms," and "Volunteering," are all at the top of your screen, just beneath your name. If you can't see them all just drag your finger to the left while touching one of the links and the menu will scroll. On the website you have to click the More line just beneath Giving to see Forms and Volunteering.

If you have donated to the congregation using a check or electronically (Debit, Credit, ACH Bank transfer), or paid for an event online using a a form where you paid with Debit ,Credit, or ACH Bank Transfer, then that history is saved here under the Giving section of your "My Profile." Only you and those who handle the contributions have access to this information. This section shows all gifts/payments made to the church by your household. You can sort the list by date ranges, or choose to show only your donations/payments instead of all of your family's.  By default you can see the date a gift/payment was made, what fund it was credited to, and what the amount was. If you click on the Columns button just above the graph you can also choose to show Method of Payment, Account Number, Check Number and Note. 

Funds are an internal way the congregation uses to track what donations and payments are intended for. For instance, all regular Sunday morning contributions are applied to the General Fund. Payments for youth events are applied to the Student Ministry Fund. Sometimes we will have special funds set up for special collections or events so that we can track money given/paid for those special reasons separately from the general contribution. These funds are just an internal way we use Breeze to keep all of you gifts applied to the areas of ministry you intended to apply them to. All gifts/payments are simply made to the Stockdale Church of Christ, and that is all you will see on your bank statement. It's only in Breeze's tracking that these funds exist. 

For any gift/payment you can click on the amount to see a complete summary of what that donation was for. You can also click the button above the graph that says "Download as Excel" to download an xlxs document with all your transactions. (xlxs is the basic Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format that is compatible with many spreadsheet programs.) If you click on the arrow on the right side of the button you can choose to print the spreadsheet from there.

Below the list of transactions there is a Totals Overview which shows the number of contributions/payments you have made as well as their total amount. Below that it gives a breakdown of how much you donated/paid per fund, for instance what was your total contribution to the General Fund and how much have you paid/donated to the Student Ministry Fund. And then there is also a breakdown of giving method, check, online credit/debit card, and ACH Bank transfer. For more information about electronic forms of giving, please the the Give Now page.


Just below the giving link (on the web page), or next to the giving link at the top of the app is a link entitled, "Forms." If you click on this link you will see a list of all the forms you have filled out through Breeze. At the very least you should hopefully see your Member Talent & Service Survey. You will also see any online sign-up forms that were used for special events. If you click on one of the forms a window will pop up where you will see the form and the responses you gave. You will not be able to change our information or responses on any of the forms, but you can read through them or print them out for your records if you like. If you need to change something on a form, please contact the office.


Just below (on the website) or beside (on the app) Forms is a link called, "Volunteering." If you click on this link you will see a list of any upcoming events in which you are scheduled to volunteer, and if you have a specific role assigned it will show that too. If you click on the name of an event you will probably just receive an error saying you don't have permission. This is a bug we are working on. To see a list of events simply click on the Events tab at the top of the page.