God never said following Jesus would be easy. He said it would be worth it. All of us face situations and times where it's hard to be like Jesus. Situations where the temptation to do the wrong thing is stronger than we ever thought it could be. We each have areas in our lives that require us to struggle to grow. Too often we want to simply take pride in the things that came easy for us, but to truly be like Jesus we need to embrace the hard fight, and face our demons.

September 4, 2016. Kenneth Clapp. Some of the things God calls his children to do are hard. They take effort. They don't come easy. These are the "Hard Fight," the issues we spend years struggling with.


9/11/2016 - The Hard Fight, part 2: How to forgive. Forgiveness doesn't happen by accident, and it doesn't happen naturally, but if we are truly God's children, then it must happen, and it must happen from the heart.

In The Hard Fight: Taming the Tongue, we look at one of the most difficult spiritual battles we all face - controlling what comes out of our mouths. The catch is, it's not a mouth problem, but a heart problem. So what can we do about it?

In our sermon series: The Hard Fight, this week we look at the challenge of how we treat strangers (those that aren't family and friends). God has some challenging things to say about how we treat strangers both in and out of the church.


The last sermon in the Hard Fight series is probably the most important of all, because in this sermon we look at what it takes to win the Hard Fight--Commitment. It's easy to always put church and church family second, behind any other obligation or scheduling conflict that comes up, but it's our commitment to each other that reflects our commitment to our Father and Lord