When we walk with God in faith there is no telling where that journey might lead us in this life. It doesn't matter how our journey starts, what happens along the way, or even where it end in this life, if we are walking with God he will make sure we eventually get to where we need to be. Moses is a great example of this journey: from a crazy beginning to some unbelievable stops along the way, once the journey was over Moses was right where he needed to be, on a mountain top with God.

In our walk with God it doesn't matter where our journey starts, our beginnings never limit what God can do in our lives. 

In our journey of faith God can take us to some very unexpected placed where we face unexpected challenges. In the end however, all we need to succeed in those challenges is a stick and God (and the stick is optional) February 5, 2017

Our journey of faith was never intended to be a lonely journey and the obstacles we face were never meant to be faced alone. Not only is God always by our side, but he has given us countless others to walk with us and help us along the way. February 12, 2017

Our journey of faith is often challenged by the mistakes (sins) we make ourselves. The good news is our mistakes can't stop us as long as we're walking with God. Through the good and the bad God has the power to take us to where we need to be, which is ultimately with him.