We all have different ways in which we look at and interpret the world around us. The "color" of the lens we look through tints the world around us in different ways, prioritizing different things, giving different meanings to the world around us. Jesus, however, gives a different view, a different meaning to the things around us and provides his own unique way of viewing the world. In this series, we contrast the ways in which we usually view the world with the way Jesus sees us. 

First sermon in the series, "Jesus Goggles" The lenses we look at the world through color not only what we see, but also how we live. In this sermon we look at the difference between guilt and grace and how these two very different lenses shape our perceptions and our lives.

In the second sermon in "Jesus Goggles," we contrast the lenses of joy and pain. While the world focuses on pain, Jesus calls us to live in joy, regardless of our circumstances, and he conquered sin to make that possible.

This sermon compares the word's inability to overcome our fears with Jesus' gift of safety in him. The world looks like a very different place when we feel safe and secure.

In life, we learn to look through the lenses of greed and selfishness, but the world takes on a whole different cast when we start seeing the opportunities around us to give and share.

Striving for perfection in an attempt to honor our Creator is one thing, looking at ourselves as somehow already achieving a semblance of perfection is something altogether different. God looks at us through eyes of mercy, not lenses of false perfection.

We spend so much time thinking about and worry about death. Jesus came so we can focus on life and all the joys that come with it.