Breeze: People



The People tab of your Breeze ChMS app or website serves as your link to the rest of the congregation. Think of it like an online directory, with extras.

When you first click on the People link you are taken to a page that shows a list of members with their pictures (assuming they've uploaded one.) To see information about a member, including contact information and who's in their family, simply click on their picture or name. 

On their directory page you will also see information about where they work or what school they attend (unless they've chosen to keep that information private.) You should also see a map showing the location of their address. Breeze uses the OpenStreetMap as their mapping software, and it's pretty accurate, but if it shows you something that you're pretty sure isn't right, you might want to give the person a quick call to make sure you know where you're going. If you click on their address, it will open up the default mapping software on your device, probably either Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Email Members

On the default People page (the one that simply lists all the members) to the right you will see the option to Email People. You can do this from within Breeze as long as both you and they have email addresses included in their profile and neither parties have checked "Do not email" under their email address on their profile page. You can also email multiple members at the same time, if you have several members you need to send the same message to. To email multiple members first click on the check-mark beside the name of everyone you want to send the email to turning it green. Next, click Email People. The link will show a number indicating how many people you are about to send the message to.

On the Breeze app the links to email members and map member's addresses are at the bottom of the page.

Map Member's Addresses

Just like you can email multiple members at the same time from within Breeze, you can also map multiple member's addresses using the same method. Again, simply click the check mark beside everyone you want to include on the map and then click Map People. On the web page you have to click More Options below Email People to see the Map People link. Right now there is no option in the interface to print the map, but you can alway hit control-p on a windows computer or command-p on an apple computer to bring up a print dialog. Just a hint, place the part you want to print in the upper left hand corner of the map an it should be where you want it on the printed page. Because all computers are a little different, yours might work slightly different. 

Filtered Searches

Like I said earlier, this is a directory for the 21st Century, so you can do more than simply search for someone by name (which you do by typing their name in the square on the left side of the web page or at the top of the page in the app.)

You can also perform filtered searches where you search by criteria instead of names. On the web site you click on the Show More Filter Options just beneath the search box on the left side of the page. On the app you click on the icon that looks sort of like a funnel just to the right of the search box at the top of the page. If you perform a filtered search, all the results will be shown at the bottom of the page in the app, or to the right of the search filter on the web site.