Below are the Sunday morning worship assignments for the month of May 2017. If, for some reason, you are unable to fulfill your assignment please contact one of the worship deacons (Chub, Dan or Billy) as soon as possible so they can find a replacement. If you have any questions about these assignments, please talk to one of the worship deacons.

**If you are scheduled to serve on a given Sunday morning please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early. All those serving will meet together briefly before services begin to pray for God's blessing on the service we lead.

Those Serving on the Table:

  • Bob Baker, Tom Callaway, Alan Hastings, Johnny Akin, Scott Akin, Hector Dominguez

Picking Up Attendance Cards: 

  • North Side: MacKenzie Krueger
  • South Side: Erik Maldanado

Sunday Morning Greeters

  • Perry Rutland, CJ Rutland, Leroy Sanchez, Diana Sanchez, Chub Urrabazo, Diana Urrabazo, Bennie Martinez, Debbie Martinez, Carolyn Richter

May 7

  • Song Leader: Dan Martinez
  • First Prayer: Leroy Sanchez
  • Presiding: Billy Rutland
  • Intercessory: Bob Baker
  • Closing Prayer: CJ Urrabazo

May 14

  • Song Leader: Billy Rutland
  • First Prayer: Tony Rangel
  • Presiding: Mike Coon
  • Intercessory: Doug Dillingham
  • Closing Prayer: Hector Dominguez

May 21

  • Song Leader: Brad Brantley
  • First Prayer: Bobby Haller
  • Presiding: Marvin Quinney
  • Intercessory: Mike Coon
  • Closing Prayer: Johnny Akin

May 28

  • Song Leader: Perry Rutland
  • First Prayer: Joe Bird
  • Presiding: Chub Urrabazo
  • Intercessory: Dan Martinez
  • Closing Prayer: Bennie Martinez
  • PM Songs: Clint McGuffin
  • PM Communion: CJ Urrabazo, Mike Urrabazo
  • PM 1st Prayer: Greg Peterson
  • PM 2nd Prayer: Johnny Akin

Wednesday Assignments:

May 3:

  • Devo: CJ Urrabazo
  • Snacks: Lori Kruger. Gennie Rangel

May 10:

  • Devo: Scott Akin
  • Snacks: Venecia Monita, Kaley Potter

May 17:

  • Devo: Chub Urrabazo
  • Snacks: Diana Urrabazo, Leticia Rangel

May 24:

  • Devo: Sal Urrabazo
  • Snacks: Paublina Marquez, Gloria Cortez

May 31:

  • Devo: Perry Rutland
  • Snacks: Sarah Rangel, Jennifer Moore