When you stop to consider your blessings, your salvation, your life in general, are you overwhelmed with how much God loves you and how much he has done for you? We all are. And while it's true that we can't earn or merit the love he gives, we can respond to his love with love and service of our own. Here at the Stockdale Church of Christ we see one of our main responsibilities as helping everyone find a fulfilling and joyful place to serve. God created us with a purpose. He created us to participate in his purpose. Through our service to the church and in its ministries we are able to reflect God's love to those around us and demonstrate in small ways our gratitude for all God has done for us. 

In order to help us be more efficient, and hopefully make sure everyone has a place, we are redoing our Member Talent/Skill Survey. It's been a few years since we've completely renewed the database of volunteers and we know interests and abilities change over time. So we are asking everyone to fill out a new survey. The easiest way to fill out the survey is right here on our website, just follow this link. The online form will work from any web-enabled device. We need one form for every person high school age and older. For families with children, only one parent needs to fill out the information on each child. The demographic information (birthday, address, work information, phone numbers, etc.) are for office use and to help us set up a new online directory which you will be able to update yourself when your information changes. It will also allow you to hide information you don't want public, like work telephone number, etc. The office does not share your information with anyone outside the congregation without your consent.

Below each section you will find a form space called "Additional talents skills." If we didn't list what you were looking for in a particular area, then this is the place you can tell us. 

Once you submit your form you should receive an email verifying you completed your form. If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact the office and speak to either Kenneth or Ryan.