We will be using our contribution this coming Sunday to establish a scholarship fund for our youth program. This fund will be used to help provide financial support so that students never have to say no to any of our youth events (like LTC, Summer Camp, Encounter, etc.) simply because they don't have the money to participate. As a congregation we only budget 50 weeks contributions each year, leaving two weeks contribution that can be used for special needs or events. This year the leadership team has decided to use the offering on January 29 as a way to kickoff this special Youth Scholarship Fund. Of course, you will be able to donate to that fund whenever you would like, not just on this Sunday, but this Sunday we will be kicking it off. So consider what you would like to give to this special cause before the offering Sunday morning.

*There will not be a "Special" or second collection Sunday. We will be using the main collection to start the Scholarship fund.