Looking for A Ministry Leader for our Youth Program



We are currently looking for a young man to join us as a full time Youth & Family Minister. Part of our vision as a congregation is to make our youth and young families one of our core priorities.  We have a large and dynamic youth group, especially for a congregation our size (we have an average Sunday morning attendance just under two hundred-and growing). Our Wednesday Night Live youth program averages around 40 Jr. and Sr. High students each week.

We are looking for someone who has a passion for youth and a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ both with our youth and the youth of the community. We see our youth program as an integral part of the congregation's overall ministry.

We are currently receiving applications. We have some basic qualifications, they are:

  • A Christian of good character

  • Bachelor's degree or comparable in Bible or Ministry.

  • A willingness to work with the congregation's leadership in pursuit of a common vision and mission.

  • Married or single.

  • No experience required.

That's all the requirements to apply. We are wanting to find the right person, the person God will work through to bless this congregation and community, and in return be blessed themselves. So we are trying not to paint the perfect picture of the perfect applicant, instead we want to let the Spirit reveal that to us as the process unfolds.

As a congregation we have a lot to offer someone interested in this ministry. We are a young congregation on average, with a large number of youth and young families. We are also very involved with and deeply tied into our community and our schools. One of the benefits of small town life is the ability to know many in the community and to be involved in more ways than would be possible in a larger city. Besides our regular youth we have many teens throughout the community that are involved in various aspects and events with our youth group, opening the door for wider outreach.

We have a very active group of young families currently involved with our youth group, including 5 deacons that support and work with the youth minister. Over the past two years we have been blessed to have a young couple working with us that have done an excellent job expanding and molding the youth ministry. If you would like to speak to him you can contact him here.

As a congregation we already have several big events that are youth focused. Our VBS each summer is the biggest in town. Not only do we have a lot of children attend, but a large number of our members help to pull it off each year. Our largest event each year is our annual Fall Family Fun Night, a fall festival we host every halloween. Each year we provide free food, inflatables and games for the community, as a safe alternative to trick-or-treating and a no-cost, fun family event that families can enjoy together. It has grown every year. Last year we estimated over 700 hundred attended.

Over the past couple of years our youth group has become very active, attending summer camps, Camp Encounter at LCU, attending Winterfest in Arlington, in addition to numerous other retreats, devotionals and activities. To aid with that the congregation collects a special "Scholarship Fund" that is used to make sure no child is ever left out because of cost. We also provide a large working budget for our youth program, which the youth minister administrates and is responsible for.

The congregation has a good relationship with the community, allowing the schools and community groups to use our facilities when needed without cost.

Stockdale is your classic, small Texas town, full of friendly people, and a few old crabs. Living here you get to enjoy the benefits of rural life, but at the same time we are only forty-five minutes from down-town San Antonio, with two other larger towns only twenty minutes away. So you can say we get the best of both worlds. In addition we are only two hours from the gulf coast and an hour and a half from down town Austin. So in short, there's no shortage of social or cultural opportunities to be taken advantage of.

We are offering a competitive compensation package which includes a new (less than 8 year old) 3 bedroom house with a modern open floorpan, all utilities as well as broadband provided in addition to the cash salary. Our leadership team includes a full time preaching minister, five shepherds and eleven deacons. In addition we have many other ministry leaders and active members who work to expand the kingdom here in Stockdale.

We are actively praying for the person who will eventually join us in our mission to Stockdale. The congregation has taken up a challenge of One Thousand hours of prayer. We are wrapping this search in prayer and looking to the Spirit to guide us to the right candidate. If you think you might be that person, please send a resume, brief overview of your ministry philosophy, and any other materials you would like for us to consider to stockdalechurch@gmail.com. Please refer any other questions to that same address.


Job Description:

  • Youth ministry:

    • Take responsibility for the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening teen classes.

    • Direct and coordinate special youth functions and activities.

    • Work in conjunction with the leadership & Ministry staff.

    • Create opportunities to help the youth of the congregation grow.

    • Look for opportunities to impact the larger community through out the youth.

    • Serve as a mentor to the youth, working to develop leadership within the youth group.

    • Manage the working youth budget and resources.

    • Coordinate volunteers to assist with youth group functions.

  • General Ministry

    • Aid in other areas of congregational ministry as needed and as opportunities arrise.

    • Work closely with the preaching minister to make sure the youth ministry continues to compliment the congregation’s overall vision and mission.

    • Aid in administrative tasks as needed.

    • Attend and participate in leadership team meetings and projects.

    • Be available during normal office hours. Communicate activities and rescheduling with the office staff.


In summary, we are looking for someone to work with us as a full time supported minister who will aid in the continued growth and the development of the congregation while focusing on the opportunities of youth and family ministry. They need to be willing to be part of the family and part of the leadership team, committed to searching out and pursuing God’s vision for this congregation. We are looking for someone who is excited about what the Spirit is doing in Stockdale and wants to join us on this spiritual journey. To learn more about our youth group and what it's been up to, visit us on Facebook.